We Are Not The Enemy said...

From the photo submission email: "My partner and I had a (very large) commitment ceremony in NY on September 13, 2003. We then flew to SF and spent the night under a tarp in the rain to get married legally at City Hall on February 19, 2004. When that was annulled, we were married again in Provincetown, MA on September 3, 2004. So far this one has stuck! As much as our friends enjoy the endless fun of our serial, cross country weddings, we'd really like if this was the last time we had to do this."

Sarah. R. said...

These are my friends and I love them. They are not the enemy, and neither am I.

Vote no on 8.

Thank you.

Liz said...

Yay, a wedding I went to! Love you guys! NO ON 8!